CXRBN Trading

We know a lot of our supporters actively trade CXRBN and make the most out of staking features to accumulate extra CXRBN for the following year of offsetting. We have been accepted on multiple platforms which show the strong interest we have in our project and we are very proud of what we are setting out to accomplish.  For the crypto traders out there you can trade CXRBN-USDT on WhiteBit. We are also featured on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko if you wish to see any in depth information and ratings on the coin.

CARBON COIN (CXRBN) Listed on top 50 global trading exchange!

WhiteBit is currently ranked number 36 globally against all cryptocurrency exchanges according to CoinMarketCap, a well known and trusted third party ratings site.

To trade CXRBN on WhiteBit please follow the below link:


CoinMarketCap is the world's most trusted & accurate source for crypto market capitalizations, pricing and information. CoinMarketCap has been the premier price-tracking website for cryptocurrencies.

It is the most referenced and trusted source for comparing thousands of crypto entities in the rapidly growing cryptocurrency space by users, institutions, and media. CoinMarketCap firmly stands for accurate, timely and unbiased information, enabling each end user to draw their own informed conclusions from CoinMarketCap data. 


CoinGecko is a cryptocurrency ranking web site that provides 360 degree overview of the standing of digital currencies.

The cryptocurrency ranking is quantitatively and qualitatively evaluated based on public data collected from the internet. Metrics considered include market capitalization, liquidity, developer activity, community, and public interest.

Carbon Offsetting

At the CarbonCo we give our valued clients the option to purchase CXRBN directly and hold in an external wallet so that the traded price is not affected. Via our external wallet you can hold coins and transfer them to external wallets. We also have a redeem option so that our customers can directly utilise CXRBN to offset their carbon footprint. The projects we are affiliated with are fully certified and you can redeem your CXRBN by contacting us directly.


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