Carbon Credits

There are two types of Carbon Credit, Blue Carbon the less well known variant which is focused on coastal ecosystems rather than land based carbon projects. They are newer and have recently been in the spotlight and we believe there is as much of a need for carbon reduction in our beloved sea as there is on land.

The most easily recognised carbon credit is focused on land projects such as forestry and renewable energy projects around the globe. Predominantly these projects have included re planting trees is places such as the amazon. Additionally there has been alot of carbon offsetting more focused on renewable energy.

 The Carbon Coin gives holders access to both and all projects are verified and certified giving us all the peace of mind that we really are making a difference!

Cap and Trade

Companies are incentivised to buy carbon credits to allow them to emit greenhouse gases. This works to ensure that companies that emit gases into the atmosphere are able to offset the negative impact by purchasing credits that in turn have an equally positive impact back on the atmosphere.

They will be fined if they exceed the cap set by regulation. Secondly, they can make money by saving and reselling some of their emissions allowances. Thus the name 'cap and trade'.

The ultimate goal of carbon credits is to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.


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